The fast growing aviation industry has always demanded the best of human perfection to keep alive the human quest to find new milestone in aviation.

IIAE Aircrafts

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A corporate jet with all the modern avionics instrumentation radar and flight management systems powered by ROLLS ROYCE viper jet engine.

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A four seater piston powered executive aircraft with all latest avionics, instrumentation and GPS navigation and communication systems.

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A two seater piston powered trainer aircraft with all latest avionics communication system and instrumentation system.



IIAE shares the campus with PM College of engineering under long term association through which IIAE supports the PMCE with its vast technical infrastructure including the aircrafts and PMCE supports the IIAE with huge neat and clean green campus spreading over an area of 38 acres of lush greenery.

The IIAE technology infrastructure is one of the best considered facilities for AME training under CAR-147(Basic) programme that includes



1.   Machine Shop (Mechanical Facility)

It is basically a metal processing facility where a student learns about fundamentals of metal forming such as cutting, Shaping to required dimensions, Slotting, Turning, Knurling, Grinding and Polishing, Bending and Finishing as per the job requirements. This is the basic foundation of technical skill and engineering design.

To achieve this following facilities are available for students to have on hand experience on the subjects the facilities are -

  1. Lathe Machine
  2. Milling Machine
  3. Shapping Machine
  4. Slotting Machine
  5. Bench Drill Machine
  6. Power Protable Drill
  7. Hand Grinding
  8. Polishing
  9. Power Hacsaw

These facilities are supported with various types of Hand tools, cutting tools, all types of digital and mechanical precession measuring tools and other devices required to support Metal forming process.

2.   Fitting Shop

A facility which provides skill and techniques to a student who learns various process of selecting metal for a job, marking the dimensions and bringing to the shape by Filing, Chiseling, Measuring, Drilling, Reaming, Tapping, Threading and Bolting etc. To facilitate the above skill learning the following facilities has been developed.

Long wooden table with robust design having 2 inches thick heavy top for installation of bench vices, marking and Measuring Platforms and excellent Tool store for students use to perform their assigned job.

3.   Welding Shop

In this shop student is able to learn and develop its skill towards metal joining process for any engineering design or maintenance programme using the following welding process:.

Long wooden table with robust design having 2 inches thick heavy top for installation of bench vices, marking and Measuring Platforms and excellent Tool store for students use to perform their assigned job.


4.   Engine Shop

IIAE has developed excellent aircraft power plant workshop where a students are able to learn various Aircraft power plant design, Engine operating cycles, Engine fuel and lubrication system, Engine and its component maintenance and certification system, trouble shooting and engine defect ,its analysis and rectification.

5.   Jet Engine Shop

It is equipped with fully sectionised Rolls Royce Avon 508, jet engine unsanctioned complete Avon 508 engine with all accessories system such as fuel system, lubrication system, ignition system along with hundreds of jet engine components drawn from various models of aircrafts and helicopters engine.

Using the above facility a trainee under goals approved task which generates in depth knowledge of the operating principles threst devices and operational details of various system functioning, which generates adequate skill and confidence in a trainee to carryout approved maintenance and troubleshooting of a jet engine on the flying aircraft.

6.   Piston Engine

The piston engine shop is equipped with normally aspirated for stroke cycle engine which includes-

  1. Continental four cylinder piston engine
  2. Lycominge six cylinder naturally aspirated piston engine
  3. Lycominge six cylinder turbo charged piston engine

In addition to the above facility various piston engine maintenance devices such as-spark plug tester and cleaner, magneto timing devices, craftsman toolkit for piston engine maintenance along with sectionised two storks and four storks. Engine showing various parts and components such as fuel pumps carbonates fuel injectors, piston and engine components. The above facility is being utilized to carry out approved task for better understanding of piston engine operations and maintenance.

7.   Airframe Shop

It is fully equipped airframe with craftsman system mock ups such as hydraulics and pneumatics aircraft system having full scale live aircraft landing gayer retrain and extension system. Hydraulic fly operations system pneumatics component operation system. The above facilities are being used to perform assigned practical tasks as per CAR-147(Basic) requirements where students is able to learn the various process of aircraft maintenance repairs and components serviceability checks testing the various component for trouble shooting aircraft systems and controls.

8.   Avionics Stream

In order to trained the students in B2 category to cover avionics stream IIAE has developed vast facility with arrange of highly sophisticated test equipment’s along with aircraft and other facilities which includes-

1.   Electrical Lab

Electricity is a vital source of power in the aircraft for aircraft system and its safe operation which supports engine starting airframe pressurization, air-conditioning and lighting operating the aircraft computers, data acquisition system and cockpit indicating devices ,powers the radio communication and navigation system etc. to trained the students on the above objectives a huge set up has been developed in the electrical lab which includes fundamental training devices and equipment test benches for various aircraft electrical system mock ups for circuit operating devices and a complete experimental aircraft with all the aircraft electrical system in fully operating condition. In addition hundreds of aircraft electrical system, components available for students to carryout aircraft practical task for better understanding for aircraft electrical system.

2.   Aircraft Instrument Lab

IIAE has developed fully fledged aircraft instrument maintenance facility here this includes instrument test facilities sectionised engine flight and gyro instruments for understanding of the basic instruments for understanding of the basic instruments mechanism highly sophisticated computerised instrument test facility knowledge of auto pilot cockpit data and cockpit voice recording supported by hundreds of aircraft computers gyro testing, pressure and temperature instruments testing devices along with live demonstration of aircraft instrument operation.

3.   Aircraft Radio Communication And Navigation Lab

IIAE radio navigation lab is one of the finest facility which incorporate the most sophisticated radio communication and navigation devices such as-VHF,HF system, flight management system, VOR, ADF, GPS Inertial navigation system, OMEGA and local system weather radar and various antina system. The radio lab is further equipped with aplomb power system 115v400hz and 26v400hz Ac system and 28 dc supply to operate aircraft radio and navigation system as well as test equipment’s such as oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, LCR bridge function generators .mock ups of instrument landing system HF communication system along with fundamental electronic learning kits and devices. This together generates the capability to undertake task required to be accomplished in this lab to meet the CAR-147(basic) requirement.


Teaching is imparted through fully equipped smart classrooms having LCD and OHP with all the students’ amenities for delivering smooth and trouble free lectures in all the prevailing weather conditions.

9.   Technical Library

Library is an integral part of the Institution and imparting its services to students, faculty members and other staff members. Institutions Library is having a huge collection of books on Aircraft Engineering, Science, Technology, Management and Humanities. Library has planned to digitize all in house resources and knowledge generated by the faculties & students. After digitization of these resources, accessibility will be provided through Intranet or Internet. It offers library services through its various divisions.

Library staff is also available in the reading room to suggest sources of information and to assist in locating the required material. One copy of each title is kept in reserved section for the reference to users within the library use only. These books can be issued overnight only in case of emergency

10.   Dispensary

The college has a full-fledged Health centre with visiting doctor the dispensary staff are available round the clock. The timings of the dispensary are notified from time to time. Students are advised to get themselves treated in the college health centre. Serious cases are referred to the Medical College / District Hospital / Local Hospitals. Cases of serious illness and infectious disease must be immediately reported to the warden and Medical Officer. Homeopath services are also available in the college campus. Students applying for medical leave must have a reference from college Medical office.

Time to time medical heath awareness camps and blood donation camps are being organized by dispensary staff for the benefit and awareness of the students.

11.   Cafeteria

Institute has spacious cafeteria facility in the campus premises and is run by management. For students, canteen is just not a place to eat but it’s a place where they hang out and have a word exchange to relax.

Institute provides a variety of good food in the cafeteria prepared by skilled cooks. Management takes special care in providing students hygienic food. Spacious canteen allows with good seating facilities.

The dishes prepared here are delicious and nutritious as well. Food items are prepared with RO treated water. IIAE canteen provides quality food at low tariff.

12.   Sports

The Institute caters to the recreational needs of the students actively during their stay at various hostels; the students have the opportunity to enjoy various indoor and outdoor games. With a firm belief that physical fitness leads to mental fitness, the College provides one of the best facilities in play fields for various games like Volley ball, Football, Cricket, Badminton, Hockey, Chess, Caroms etc., in the campus. The College conducts Sports’ Meet and encourages students to participate in the Inter-Collegiate events. In addition to team games, many students individually have excelled in College and University level sports events in Athletics.

13.   Hostel

With a view to providing personal care to the students coming from various corners of the country, IIAE has built hostels that provide the right academic ambience for students in search of excellence in their pursuits. The disciplined and caring hostel environment helps the student in adaptation of positive values which serve as a firm foundation for their life and career. With the spirit of sharing and living in a multicultural community, they grow into matured human beings.

The institute administration puts in all efforts to help the students feel at home in terms of comforts and concern of the hostel personnel. Eco-friendly environment, encouraging academic ambience, uncompromising quality of hygiene, steam cooking, safe drinking water, round the clock security, availability of qualified doctors and resident wardens, indoor games facilities, uninterrupted power supply- all these ensure a very safe and secure stay for the student.

Hostel's Facilites

  • Separate hostel for Boys & Girls.
  • Two seats and 3 states rooms are available.
  • Good and Airy rooms
  • Facilities for playing carom & chess are also available.
  • A badminton court & TT rooms ensure that hostellers keep in touch with sports of their interest.
  • Availability of daily newspapers is an added luxury. On request, personal newspapers & magazines can be delivered on payment
  • Transport

14.   Green Campus

Institute always remembers that internet is the base of current education so institute provides a best internet facility. Our Institution has 32 Mbps dedicated leased line internet facility. High speed & Secure internet facility is provided in college campus 24×7.

A fully distributed computing environment based on clusters of workstations and PC’s provides the staff and students ready access to computing resources, services software and applications. The environment is tailored to the specific teaching/learning needs of each department. Full access is provided to email, the Internet, departmental Intranets and other online sources of services and information through leased line Internet connectivity of 32 mbps.

The server room houses various servers – Windows server, Linux server, Oracle database server, QEEE Server, NPTEL Server all connected to the LAN, thereby providing diverse computing platforms to the students, across the campus.

15.   Campus And Offices

IIAE has its main academic campus and technical infrastructure at :

Main Campus (Sonipat)

PMCE Campus, Kami Road,
Haryana- 131001

Corporate Office (Dwarka)

NEW DELHI- 110075
CONTACT NO. 9870290573, 9870290575

Admission Office (Patna)

PATNA- 800001 CONTACT NO 9870290575

Admission Office (Rajasthan)

CORPORATE NO - 9875705855